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Composition of one capsule:
  • Liquid extract from turmeric (min. 6% total curcuminoids) - 250 mg
  • Capsule shell: gelling agent - gelatin, moisturiser - glycerine
The liquid extract from turmeric is obtained by innovative solubilization technology that makes it 185 times more digestible than ordinary turmeric extract. Thanks to this technology, CURCUMIN overcomes the poor digestibility of ordinary extract from turmeric, enhancing its beneficial effects even at lower doses. Curcumin is well known for its antioxidant properties. Favourably affects the functions of the joints, brain and heart.

The food supplement CURCUMIN is recommended for:

  • Maintaining the normal function of the cardiovascular system;
  • For beneficial effects on the brain;
  • For normal joint function;

One capsule a day.

Soft gelatin capsules, packed in 3 blister packs of 10 capsules each, placed in a cardboard box.