30 Gelatin Capsule with PROLONGED RELEASE
Food supplement

Vitamin C ingredients

Recommended daily intake: One capsule daily with а cup of water, preferably in the morning after breakfast. Release of active ingredients: Maximum 65% after four hours and minimum 75% after eight hours.


Vitamin C plays an important role in the human body and contributes to:

  • Normal function and flow of metabolism and energy production.
  • Maintaining normal mental function.
  • Protecting cells from oxidative stress.
  • Maintaining normal level of collagen formation and functioning.
  • Maintaining immune system during and after intensive exercise.
  • Normal functioning of the nervous system.
  • Playing role in blood vessels.
  • Playing role in bones and cartilages.
  • Playing role in gum and teeth health.
  • Playing role in skin health.
  • Playing role in nervous system.


  • In case of kidney stones and diseases associated with accumulation of iron in the body.
  • During pregnancy and lactation period, don’t take more than recommended dose.


  • Do not exceed the recommended dose!
  • Does not substitute a varied diet!
  • Keep out of reach of children!

STORAGE: To be stored at temperatures of 15-30°С at a place protected from humidity and direct sunlight.