30 capsules
Food Supplement

Policosanol Ingredients

Policosanol is a natural product, mixture from the high fatty alcohols, purified dry extract from sugar-cane wax (Saccharum officinarum).
20 years ago the Japanese scientists discovered that it decreases high cholesterol level in blood. In the following years investigations of many world scientific institutes confirmed the action of Policosanol on the increased cholesterol in human body.
Cholesterol is the fatty-like substance in blood, essential component of cell membranes, necessary for production of vital hormones.
During the aging process, depending on life-stile and nutrition and during menopause the level of the so called “bad cholesterol” (LDL) in blood starts to increase. One part of it precipitates in the form of plates on the walls of the blood vessels. It decreases their elasticity and capacity and leads to their narrowing.
What is the action mechanism of Policosanol ?
Policosanol is the most effective natural product, which decreases high LDL levels – cholesterol and at the same time increases HDL level, the so called “good cholesterol”. HDL cholesterol has antiatherogenic action, as it extracts excessive cholesterol from the
blood vessels – increases its elasticity. Policosanol decreases high content of cholesterol in some tissues, i.e. the ones in liver, heart and fatty tissues.
Policosanol delays formation of blood clots (thrombi) in the blood flow and thus protects blood vessels against clotting.
Policosanol protects and at the same time reduces the atherosclerotic alterations in blood vessels and thrombi. In this way the limp is eliminated in case it occurs due to atherosclerotic alterations in arteries of the lower extremities.
Policosanol is an effective antioxidant, which protects cholesterol from oxidation and transformation to LDL-cholesterol. Policosanol is a mixture of high fatty alcohols and is absolutely harmless.
In spite of the fact that it is produced from sugar-cane, Policosanol is not sugar, does not contain sugars and does not influence the blood sugar levels.


The product Policosanol is recommended as a food supplement:

  • at increased levels of blood cholesterol;
  • against increase of levels of blood cholesterol;
  • at atherosclerotic alterations in blood vessels and for protection from the alterations;
  • as antioxidant.

1 capsule daily.


  • Not recommended to be used by pregnant women!
  • Do not overdose!
  • Do not use it as a food substitute!
  • Keep it away from the reach of children!

To be stored at temperatures of 15-30°С at a place protected from humidity and direct sunlight.


Carton box with 3 blisters containing 10 capsules each.