Dietary supplement

30 sachets containing sweeteners

MAGNEMIX Ingredients

Recommended daily intake: One sachet per day. Tear open sachet and pour the powder directly onto your tongue, without water.


The dietary supplement MAGNEMIX contains magnesium, which is extremely useful for the normal functioning of the nervous system, bones, muscles and the general state of human organism.

Magnesium has a beneficial effect on the electrolyte balance, blood vessels and blood pressure, hormone production. It also reduces the sense of feebleness and fatigue.

The dietary supplement MAGNEMIX is recommended for:

  • maintaining the normal function of the nervous system ;
  • its positive effects on the cardiovascular system and fatigue;
  • cell growth and regeneration;


–  Do not exceed the recommended dose!

–    Not to be used as substitute of a varied diet!

–    Store at a place inaccessible to small children!

–   Not to be taken by people with expressed intolerance to lactose!

Storage: At moderate temperature (150 – 300 С), away from moisture and direct sunlight.