50 gelatin capsules
Food Supplement

Algon Ingredients

ALGON is a natural product containing Extr. Fuci vesiculosi sicc., rich in iodine, alginic acid, phucosterols, mannitol, vitamin C. etc. Insufficient consumption of iodine-high diet results in deterioration of the hormonosynthesis of the thyroid gland and appears goitre. By entering the organism and under the influence of various enzymes, iodine is included in the metabolism of the thyroid gland as a final product for the synthesis of thyroid hormones. In the case of hypothyroid obesity, in parallel with the effect of the iodine, conducive to health is the effect of the polysaccharide alginic acid with the laxative effect of its salts.
Iodine decreases the cholesterol in the blood and that facilitates nutrition of the tissues of even the smallest blood vessels and thus prevents the atheromatosic processes in them.
Extr.Fuci vesiculosi sicc. has prophylactic and curative effect in environment with increased radioactivity – in radiation with radioactive iodine.

The product ALGON is recommended for:

  • goitre in result of iodine insufficiency
  • endocrine (hypothyroid) obesity simultaneously with the hormonal therapy
  • arteriosclerosis – in addition to the complex treatment
  • prophylactic and treatment of radiation with radioactive iodine.


  • For children over 6 years – 1 capsule per day during meals;
  •  Adults – 2 capsules daily with meals.

To be stored at temperatures of 15-30°С at a place protected from humidity and direct sunlight.

5 blisters of 10 gelatin capsules in a box with a leaflet.