About us

RAMCOPHARM LTD was founded in 1993 and it is 100% private Bulgarian business company. Its principal activity covers development, production and distribution of food additives containing basically herbal substances – products combining standardized dry extracts, ethereal oils and vitamins in a capsule or a tablet. The raw materials are being imported from leading phytopharmaceutical companies in Europe. To date, the company has developed over 70 products, 48 out of which are launched though the pharmaceutical chains boasting with a reputation of quality products on high demand.

All products of RAMCOPHARM LTD have patent protection being categorized as Useful models and Trade brands.

RAMCOPHARM LTD has obtained registrations and it exports its products in Greece, Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Iraq – Erbil and is now exploring further options to continue its market expansion.

The company has its own production site, constructed and equipped in compliance with the requirements of the GMP and authorized by the Bulgarian Drug Agency to produce pharmaceuticals. The company has registered and manufactures two pharmaceutical products „Potassium iodide Ramcopharm – 65 mg”, Nurulin Duo 500 mg paracetamol / 200 mg ibuprofen tablets.

RAMCOPHARM LTD has established excellent business relations with all companies trading in bulk with pharmaceuticals in Bulgaria and its name is well familiar to many pharmacy experts and pharmacies.